Lunar eclipse december 27 2019 horoscope

Eclipses 2019 - 2020 - Powerful Turning Points

Think renewal, rebirth. Good luck! I was working with full energy and dedication on a project in my office. Morning had planning session and was well prepared for that. Beginning of session , first thing , I am told is I will be moving to another project. Never ever happened before. All about relationships for you, Leslie, but more importantly how you are able to shine in relationships.

Ensure you get your own needs met either in a personal or professional context. I only have Leo in Uranus in my natal — 14 degrees. Rising Leo, Moon Sag. Does the leo in uranus have an effect on this eclipse? What degree is your Leo Ascendant? If Uranus is close to it, i.

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Uranus is about change already, so think renewal, keep up-to-date with new technologies, keep looking ahead to your future. Focus on you and what you want and need rather than waiting too much for other people to make the decisions.

Thank you so much for your reply. As a matter of fact my Leo Asc is 24 deg 41 min. Brilliant though — really appreciate your comments. Thank you. Then the February 15 Solar Eclipse will be powerful for your relationships as it falls at 27 Aquarius No planets in either Leo or Aqua. I feel the initial losses possibly stemmed from me having a dummy spit, so in that sense I initiated the negative things. Am obviously trying to avoid doing similar…having over the last year rearranged aspects of my day-to-day life to support wellness, including finances.

Kind of stemmed from 7 August eclipse and decisions I took. Aug 21 I heard back from a potential client regarding a project to say interested. Want to get back to my own biz. The eclipses are triggering the angles of your birth chart so you would expect to see significant changes in your foundations, security, etc.

My best advice is to keep close tabs on anything you suspect is hidden and be as informed as possible leading up to the eclipse. Then see what happens close to the eclipse date. This is often when shadowy or hidden themes emerge. Wait a few days at least after an eclipse before making any major decisions and look at how you can take advantage of change.

I hope things go well for you. I have a court hearing on Feb 15 eclipse day. The court decided this date. This involves Asteroid Ceres compromise related to children.

Table of Eclipse Dates from 1994 to 2030

Court will decide fairly as the father lives alone now and I have taken everything. He was removed from the property by police with restraining order. I am a bit nervous about this moment. I will not react like Ceres. I want to use this free time to establish a second source of income online — signing up for courses. Wow — that is some date that was elected for your court hearing! I thought she was the goddess of parenting and willing to go to great lengths for her child? From what I know, compromise is important too around Ceres. Make sure you are as fully informed as possible going into the court hearing, get your lawyer to dig deep to find out as much as they can beforehand.

It is a solar eclipse so often a powerful turning point, the start of a new chapter and I guess it fits the court hearing, i. Good luck and do let me know how you get on. I hope I am not the one to be eclipsed out. Having both parents is on their life is best for the kids. That fits the eclipse symbolism. Hi Sally, I feel I am in the middle of the Eclipse cycle.

I am 25 Aquarius….. In Sept I decided to sell my house…. I am in a a much better place now. Looking for an apt to buy and a part time job after having my own business. Feeling that this year will be a year of action and have feelings of excited anticipation….

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There will be extraordinary demonstrations of favor. The dead may also be interred with impunity. The new moon on December 26, , is a partial solar eclipse so its effects last for six months instead of the normal four weeks. That works out very well indeed because this is the best eclipse I can remember.

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  • The solar eclipse December astrology is fortunate because of Jupiter, the most fortunate of planets. The only other planetary aspect involved is a lucky trine to Uranus that brings positive change and excitement. The solar eclipse also joins the fortunate star Polis to bring high ambition and success. So this is an excellent solar eclipse for starting things, especially new and exciting things.

    A good keyword for this wonderful December solar eclipse is serendipity. It means unexpected good luck and happy coincidences. You could find anything from your dream job to your soul mate without even looking.

    Information about this eclipse

    The December 26 solar eclipse marks the end of the eclipse cycle that began with the solar eclipse on July 2, It also marks the beginning of a new cycle lasting about six months until the lunar eclipse on June 5, The Solar Eclipse December astrology will compliment themes found in the lunar eclipse on January 10, The total annular eclipse lasts for 3 minutes and 40 seconds, and will be visible in the Middle East, Southern India, South East Asia some parts of Australia.

    This is on my progressed descendant and also my natal Neptune. I am cursed with a disturbed DC in Scorpio conj. South node conj. Notable that in this eclipse, Mars is on my DC and Venus is on my sun. I have been waiting for an astrological event to help me break through the troubles with my significant, or even maybe fall into someone new although I doubt it.

    Mars enters Scorpio

    I very much hope this is the turning point. The eclipse conjuncts my natal 7th house north node! I suppose this eclipse will be very serendipitous for me indeed! This Solar eclipse is the Real Deal if you are out there looking for a bit of fun with someone new. I have been crying for days and this has suddenly given me a ray of hope. I want to build on it and not let myself slip away. Will this solar eclipse finally support and help to heal my exhausted sun and physical health? I really hope you have some good news to share.

    Solar eclipse of December 27, - Wikipedia

    Have a look at the Jan 5th, solar eclipse astrology. Because the effect can last one year, you are under its influence right now until Christmas. We encounter a short period of emotional confusion, mood fatigue, or even simply feel emotionally and physically rundown. We may not be able to rely on our usual "gut" decision-making. It is not advisable to initiate new concepts during the VoC Moon.

    For example, many students complain of not being able to remember what was taught during the Moon's Void of Course transit. From a psychological perspective, Learning and Memory are both closely associated with Emotions. When our emotions are dampened by the Void of Course period, we have a difficult time retaining new information. We must rely on the information that we already have, which may be insufficient once the Void of Course Moon has finished up.

    This is why so many astrologers describe this period as being "lost time" because we have a harder time staying on task, paying attention to details or flat out missing important information.

    Yet, the VoC period is useful if we have the ability to kick back, postpone making important decisions, and simply enjoy being "one" with the Void Moon. If you live in the Western hemisphere, use the minus - radio button. Let's use the Pacific Time Zone as an example. Click on the minus radio button and select 8 from the dropdown window then click the "Change" button to adjust the time.

    Same operations with a slightly different time outcome. Once you find the area closest to your region and convert the time, look for the UTC offset for your timezone. That will be your clue for the time zone offset on this Moon Void of Course date list. When is the Next Void of Course for my Region?

    Today is November 12, GMT.