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Mating takes place within just a few months in the spring of each year, which makes investigating the lunar cycle influence tricky. Yet this data does clearly seem to show both increased fertility and increased coming-on-heat on the days around and just after the Full Moon. If correct, this could have practical implications for horse breeding.

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They are relevant to beliefs such as that some part of the lunar month is best for pruning trees, i. Applying the Theories Do seeds germinate better at some point of the lunar cycle? My experiments with seeds grown at constant temperature tended to confirm the results published by Lilly Kolisko in the late s, namely that seeds would usually germinate better if sown around the Full Moon, and especially on the day or two prior to it.

Kolisko, who had emigrated from Germany in the s, became disillusioned with the negative response to her research.

The vital question of how final crop yield is affected by sowing date has been thoroughly investigated within the bio-dynamic movement. However, deep disagreement exists amongst experts in this area. For some decades now, Maria Thun has been reporting her results in her yearly Moon calendar, which apparently show weight-yields in accord with the elements of the sidereal or star-zodiac.

From this it follows that there is a proper lunar timetable appropriate for each crop. For instance, potatoes, as a root-crop, grow best when they are sown as the Moon is passing in front of earth-element constellations in the astrological zodiac. This is, the pragmatic may object, more like some alchemical mandala than a scientific theory.

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It is indeed simple, but does it work? Is it really worthwhile — or indeed practical — for farmers to organize their work schedule around it?

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In , together with a market gardener, I started to test the theory, by successive crop rows sown over a lunar month. Since then, British experiments on the topic have involved about five hundred rows sown of diverse vegetables.

I have published many of these results, and have reviewed the researches of others. My view is that the theory stands up, and that Empedocles could not improve on it.

Volume 1, No. 2

Not Everyone Agrees A weighty German Bio-Dynamic textbook makes skeptical references to the Thun-model: the stars do not affect crop yields they say. In view of the diversity of opinion on this matter, and the diverging instructions given in the lunar-gardening guides now on sale, we should perhaps consider more how plant growth varies in accord with the green fingers and even the expectations of the sower.

But folklore ends and science begins when results are obtained that are repeatable.


Kollerstrom studied Natural Sciences at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge from , specializing in the history and philosophy of science. He obtained his BA in promoted to MA in In , Kollerstrom received a grant from the Royal Astronomical Society to work on the classification of correspondence related to the discovery of Neptune.

He and his co-authors concluded in Scientific American in that the British had wrongly taken credit for it. Kollerstrom was active in political campaigns in the UK throughout the s. In he co-founded the London Nuclear Warfare Tribunal, which sought to question the legality of nuclear weapons. In August , in the run-up to the Iraq War , Kollerstrom became a founding member of the Legal Inquiry Steering Group, a citizens' tribunal in the UK that challenged the legality of the war.

In he appeared in a video by David Shayler supporting a fringe conspiracy theory that the men accused of the 7 July London bombings had not carried out the attack.

Nicholas Kollerstrom

In , on the website of the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust CODOH , a Holocaust-denial group, Kollerstrom argued for a fringe view that the gas chambers in the Auschwitz concentration camp had been used for disinfection purposes only. Responding to the loss of his fellowship, Kollerstrom said he had been accused of "thought crime"; he had no interest, he said, in Nazism and had always belonged to progressive groups such as the Green Party , Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament , and the Respect Party. Kollerstrom's The Life and Death of Paul McCartney — A Very English Mystery supported the " Paul is dead " conspiracy theory, namely, that Paul McCartney died in and was replaced by a look-alike, [36] while his Chronicles of False Flag Terror suggested that several terrorist attacks in Europe had been false-flag operations.

Also see David Aaronovitch For mathematics teacher, Nick Kollerstrom John Manley 1 April For a summary of a article by Kollerstrom on astrochemistry, see John T. Burns January Archived from the original on 17 November Nicholas Kollerstrom and Beverly Steffert 10 December Mario Livio 7 August George Farebrother and Nicholas Kollerstrom eds.

Michael Gray Teaching the Holocaust , Routledge, p.

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