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A common version of the later talisman is known as the Seal of Solomon.


Talismans vary considerably according to their time and place of origin. In Thailand one can commonly see people with more than one Buddha hanging from their necks; in Bolivia and some places in Argentina the god Ekeko furnishes a standard talisman, to whom one should offer at least one banknote to obtain fortune and welfare.

Every zodiacal sign has its corresponding gem that acts as an talisman, but these stones vary according to different traditions. An ancient tradition in China involves capturing a cricket alive and keeping it in an osier box to attract good luck this tradition extended to the Philippines. Chinese may also spread coins on the floor to attract money; rice also has a reputation as a carrier of good fortune. Turtles and cactus can cause controversy, for while some people consider them beneficial, others think they delay everything in the house.

Since the Middle Ages in Western culture pentagrams have had a reputation as talismans to attract money, love, etc; and to protect against envy, misfortune, and other disgraces. Other symbols, such as magic squares, angelic signatures and qabalistic signs have been employed to a variety of ends, both benign and malicious.

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The Jewish tradition is quite fascinating; examples of Solomon era talismans exist in many museums. Due to proscription of idols, Jewish talismans emphasize text and names- the shape, material or color of an talisman makes no difference. Rider-talismans such as this one were popular, possibly among Jews and certainly among Christians as all-purpose protective devices. The imagery — a mounted warrior subduing a prostrate enemy — is common enough in many cultures, and its adoption as a symbol in the fight against demons is readily understandable.

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On this talisman, as on many others, the rider is identified as Solomon, the wise biblical king whom post-biblical traditions turned into an expert in all occult sciences, and especially the subjugation of demons. This consists of names of angels or Torah passages written on parchment squares by rabbinical scribes.

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The parchment is then placed in an ornate silver case and worn someplace on the body. The similarities between Jewish and Buddhist talisman traditions is striking. Perfumes and essences like incense, myrrh, etc. In Central Europe, people believed garlic kept vampires away, and so did a crucifix.

A lead talisman, folded around the string with which it was worn, presumably around the wrist or ankle. Excavated in Karanis, Egypt, in a room whose contents date to the 3rd and 4th centuries A.

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It has never been unrolled, and its contents remain unknown. Deriving from the ancient Celts, the clover, if it has four leaves, symbolises good luck not the Irish shamrock, which symbolises the Christian Trinity. Does this sound like your relationship? Inktober day 7 enchanted. Along with inktober, Im doing a series of zodiac witches.

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